Students in Nea Ionia, Greece have Goals: The 17 UN Goals for Sustainable Development.

Posted by Dimitrios Fatouros , United Nations March 2 2018 0 Local experience

I had the great pleasure to meet a few days ago a group of students of the 1st Elementary School of the city of Nea Ionia at the outskirts of Athens after an invitation of their teacher Vassiliki Stratakis and the school’s Principal Mrs. Eleni Kourbani.  We talked for more than two hours  about the United Nations and its work, the 17 SDGs and how they affect the lives of 7 billion inhabitants in our planet.

The super boys and girls were all well-informed, well-prepared, having created their own SDGs booklet featuring each one of  the Goal in their own unique way.

My meeting with the students and their teachers confirmed the great  interest of the Greek educational system for the United Nations and filled me with great optimism about their future. The students, which most of them are coming from refugee families, agreed to become “ambassadors”  of the Goals at their school and throughout the city of Nea Ionia, spreading the word that by 2030 we can do a lot, and make our world a better place for everyone.

We cordially thank the students and teachers  for their help and commitment!

Dimitri Fatouros, Communication Officer for Greece and Cyprus, United Nations Regional Information Centre (UNRIC)




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